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China's Car-Swallowing Bus Is Apparently for Real

China's Car-Swallowing Bus

A few things appear to be so far out that they're probably not going to move past the idea stage. Not so for China's auto gulping, cutting edge transport.

The idea beyond any doubt drummed up a buzz when a model of the transport was revealed before this late spring at the China Beijing International High-Tech Expo. Much to our dismay - in the midst of our aggregate shock and doubt - that this insane thing was just weeks from turning into a genuine article.

The transport made its genuine trial this week in Qinhuangdao in China's Hebei area, as indicated by the Shanghaiist.

Called the Transit Elevated Bus, the thought is to enable travelers to ride higher up while the standard occupied city activity goes by underneath. This run wasn't a full test, however. It occurred on a controlled track around 1,000 feet long.

The venture's architects say each transport could some time or another hold upwards of 1,200 individuals and go around 40 mph. The video additionally gives a look into within this scary looking thing. Within shows up genuinely roomy and comfortable, really.

Comfortable, auto gulping city transport. Sounds great to me.

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